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Pakistan | Family List | Saxifragaceae

Bergenia Moench, Meth. 664. 1974. C.B. Clarke in Hook.f.,Fl.Brit.Ind.2:398.1878: Bailey, Stand.Cyclop. Hort.6:3086.1917; Kom.,Fl.URSS. 9:136.1939; Webb in Tutin et al.,Fl.Eur. 1:380.1964; Yeo in Kew Bull.20,1:113.1966/67; Sch.-Tem. in Rech.f.,Fl.Iran.42:14-16.1967.

  • Megasea Haw.

    Perennial herbs up to 50 cm tall, succulent. Rhizome woody, covered with leaf bases. Leaves mostly basal, rosulate, coriaceous, glandular-punctate, alternate, bases sheathing. Scape thick with a showy racemose or corymbose inflorescence. Flowers pentamerous, hypanthium cupuliform, free from the carpels. Sepals 5, erect. Stamens 10. Carpels 2(-3); ovary superior; styles persistent, divergent. Capsule bi- or tri-locular, many-seeded, dehiscing longitudinally between the styles. Seeds elongate, smooth or minutely tuberculate.

    A genus of c. 6 species distributed in the temperate Himalayas and C. & E. Asia. Represented here by 2 species.

    1 Leaves obovate or oblong-obovate; base cuneate; margin crenate, dentate or serrate   Bergenia stracheyi
    + Leaves orbicular to suborbicular or sometimes broadly obovate, base rounded or sometimes cordate; margin entire to denticulate   Bergenia ciliata

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