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Pakistan | Family List | Saxifragaceae | Bergenia

Bergenia ciliata (Haw.)Sternb., Rev.Saxif.Suppl. 2 :2. 1831. Yeo, l.c.132.

  • Megasea ciliata Haw.

    Herb, up to 35 cm tall. Leaves few, spreading, 4-11 x 3-10 cm, glabrous or hirsute, suborbicular to orbicular or broadly obovate, base cordate or sometimes rounded, apex rounded or sometimes abruptly acuminate; margin entire to occasionally denticulate at top, ciliate. Petiole 1-2(-5)cm long, glabrous or hirsute. Inflorescence a one sided raceme or corymbose, often subtended by an ovate leafy bract; bract glabrous or sparsely ciliate; scape and inflorescence greenish or pink tinged. Peduncle up to 10 cm long; flowers pink to purplish, pedicellate. Sepals c. 7 mm long, oblong. Petals 10 x 4 mm, unguiculate, limb orbicular. Filaments c. 1 cm long, pink to red. Carpels 2. Styles c. 7 mm long. Carpels and styles green or pinkish. Capsule 13 x 6 mm, including styles. Seeds elongated, c. 1 mm long, brown, minutely tuberculate.

    1 Leaves 4-11 x 3-10 cm, hirsute, the upper surface sometimes glabrous   Bergenia ciliata f. ciliata
    + Leaves 4.5-17 x 4-13 cm, glabrous   Bergenia ciliata f. ligulata

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