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Pakistan | Family List | Lythraceae

Lagerstroemia Linn., Syst. ed. 10:1076. 1759. Roxb., Fl. Ind. (ed. Carey,) 2:503.1832; C.B. Clarke in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 2: 575.1879; Brandis, Ind. Trees, 377.1911; Bailey, Stand. Cycl. Hort. 4:1775.1919; Parker, For. Fl. ed. 3:255.1956; Furtado & Montien in Gard. Bull. Singapore, 24:185.1969.

  • Fatioa DC.
  • Munchausia Linn.

    Deciduous trees or shrubs, glabrous to tomentose. Young branches quadrangular. Leaves opposite, subopposite or alternate, sessile or petiolate. Inflorescence a terminal panicle. Flowers subsessile or pedicellate, 2-bracteate, bracteolate, 6-merous. Hypanthium infundibuliform. Petals corrugate-unguiculate. Stamens numerous, reclinate, inserted at the base of the hypanthium, exserted or included. Ovary subglobose, 3-6-locular; style curved. Capsule exceeding the hypanthium, 3-6-valved. Seeds winged at the top.

    Species c. 50, paleotropic. Many species are cultivated for their showy flowers, 3 of which are cultivated in Pakistan.

    1 Leaves stellate tomentose. Calyx reflexed in fruit   Lagerstroemia tomentosa
    + Leaves glabrous or with simple hairs beneath. Calyx erect or spreading in fruit   (2)
    2 (1) Petiole c. 0.4 mm. Hypanthium not ribbed. Calyx erect in fruit, herbaceous. Petals 16-25 mm long. Capsule 10-12 mm in diameter   Lagerstroemia indica
    + Petiole 5-9 mm. Hypanthium 12-ribbed. Calyx spreading in fruit, woody. Petals 32-35 mm long. Capsule 17-20 mm in diameter   Lagerstroemia speciosa

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