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Pakistan | Family List | Moraceae | Artocarpus

1. Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam., Encycl. Meth. Bot. 3:209. 1789. Bailey, Man. Cult. Pl. 338. 1949; Ramamoorthy & Gandhi in Saldanha & Nicolson, l.c. 77. 1976; Corner in Dass. & Fosb., Rev. Handb. Fl. Ceylon 3: 217. fig. 2. 1980.

Eng.: Jack fruit.

Vern.: Kathal.


  • Artocarpus integrifolia auct. non L. f.: Roxb.

    Evergreen, 10-15 (-20) m tall tree with dense crown. Trunk 3-4 m in circumference, with reddish-brown, smooth bark, young twigs glabrous. Leaves with 2-3 cm long petiole; lamina elliptic to obovate, (5-) 8-15 (-20) cm long, (3.5-) 4-10 (-12) cm broad, leathery, entire or 3-lobed on young shoots, dark green and glossy above, glabrous, base cuneate, obtuse to subacute at tips; stipules large, spathaceous, 5-8 cm long. Male inflorescence terminal or axillary, cylindric to clavate, (2.5-) 3-8 (-10) cm long, 1-2.5 cm across; peduncles up to 6 cm long. Female inflorescence borne on main trunk and old branches, cylindric or oblong, tubercled and larger in size than male. Syncarp oblong-globose, hanging on trunk, massive, 25-100 cm long, 20-25 cm in diameter, fleshy, tuberculate, brown externally, pulp yellow to light orange. Seeds ± reniform, 2-3 cm long, embeded in the pulp.

    Fl. & Pr. Per.: February-July.

    Type: “Iridops Commas Herb. An Seccus arboreus major. Rumph. Amb. 1. p. 104. t. 40”.

    Distribution: Probably a native of India, widely cultivated throughout the tropics especially in S.E. Asia and Brazil.

    It is cultivated for its edible, sweet, fleshy fruits in Karachi. Unripe fruit is also pickled in India.


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