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5. Rosa beggeriana Schrenk in Fisch. & C.A.Mey., Enum. Pl. Nov. Schrenk. 1: 73. 1841. Crépin in Bull. Soc. Bot. Belg. 14: 15 (Prim. Monogr. Ros.) 309. 1875, Christ in Boiss., Fl. Orient. Suppl. 208. 1888, Willmott, The genus Rosa l, 8: 171. 1911, Juz. in Kom., Fl. USSR 10: 462. 1941, Koczk., Fl. Tadshik. SSR. 451. 1975, Ziel. in Rech.f., Fl. Iran. 152: 12. 1982, Ghora & Panigrahi, l. c. 282, Cuizhi & K. R. Robertson, l. c. 355. 2003 (Fig. 19, E-G).

Vern.: Afghani Gulab

Jerzy Zieliński

Herbarium, Institute of Dendrology, PL-62-035, Kórnik (near Poznań), Poland.

Rosa beggeriana

Credit: Wu Zhengyi et al., 2004

  • Rosa anserinaefolia Boiss.
  • Rosa cabulica Boiss.
  • Rosa lacerans Boiss. & Buhse
  • Rosa latispina Boiss.
  • Rosa silverhjelmii Schrenk

    Shrub up to 2 (-2.5) m tall. Young twigs green sometimes suffused with red, usually glaucous. Prickles usually strong, gradually broadened towards the base, curved, yellowish or almost white, often in pairs at the base of leaves, uniform, rarely mixed with bristles. Leaflets (5-) 7-9 (-11), usually widely spaced, not contiguous, up to 30(-40) mm long, elliptic or ovate, obtuse or acute at apex, glabrous or pubescent, smooth to densely glandular, grossly serrate, teeth simple or compound. Stipules narrow, with rather long erect auricles. Flowers in corymbs or panicles, rarely solitary. Pedicels thin, glabrous or rarely sparsely pubescent, smooth, rarely with stalked glands. Flowers with bracts, white, 20-30(-35) mm in diameter. Sepals narrowly lanceolate, erect or ascending after anthesis, usually falling down together with the top of hypanthium. Styles densely pubescent, forming compact head, orifice broad.Fruit globose, rarely ovoid, 5-10 (-15) mm in diameter, red wh en mature.

    Fl.Per.: June-July

    Type: China, Zungaria [Songaria], Koksu, 14 June, Schrenk s. n. (LE).

    A-6 Kushan, 10 miles from Morokoh on way to Tirich Mir, K. Akhter& S. Nazimuddin 1564 b (KUH), South Barrum Glacier, 1200 ft, S.M.A.Kazmi s.n. (KUH), Chitral. Shoghot, 6000 ft, 36/01 N – 71/45 E, Bowes Lyon 820 (BM), A-7 Gilgit. 7 miles from Yasin on way to Barkulti, along Tyok river, S. Omer 246 (KUH), Reshun, 37 miles from Chitral on way to Booni, S. Abedin 8028 (KUH), Miragram, Mastuj valley, 7500 ft., Ecker 8210 (RAW), Chitral, Mastuj Track, 5500 ft, J. D. Stainton (BM),Barrum village, Tirich Mir, J. Janowski & J. Majchrowicz 11 (KOR), Chitral, Ortol Gol, S of Tirich Mir, 8000 ft, J. D. Staiton 273 (RAW), Gilgit, Dharkot valley, 8500 ft., Lace s.n. (RAW), B-6 Chitral. Yarkhun Gol, c. 16 miles from Mastuj on way to Brep, 2700 m, A. Ghafoor & S. Omer 3209 (KUH), Chitral: Hone village near Degree College, Ali & Qutabuddin 904 (RAW), B-7 Gilgit: between Gupis and Single, 1900 m, M. Qaiser, S. Omer & S. Z. Husain 8304 (KUH), Vam Forest reserve, M.Qaiser & A. Ghafoor 1443 (KUH), Shogram, K. Akhter & S. Nazimuddin 1736 (KUH), C-6 Near Parachina, M. A. Siddiqi 3860 (RAW), Above Parachinar, R. R. Stewart 28054 (RAW), On way to Mowkah (Morkah?) from Shogran, K. Akhter & S. Nazimuddin 1796 (KUH), D-4 Ziarat. Sasnamana forest, Sibbi Distr., S. Omer & A. Ghafoor (KUH), Ziarat, Swiss Zool. Mission 1615 (RAW), Ziarat. Quetta, S. Abedin 391 (KUH), Ziarat, Quetta, M. Qaiser 113 (KUH), Ziarat, Quetta, near Governor’s House, S. Abedin 3309, 3329 (KUH), Ziarat, Quetta, S. Nazimuddin & Iqbal Dar 333, 334 (KUH), Baluchistan. Ziarat, R. Bukhsh & Sajjad s.n. (KUH), Urak stream, M.Qaiser & A. Ghafoor 1336 (KUH), Urak. Quetta, A. Ghafoor & M. Qaiser 2420 & 2426 (KUH), About 4 miles from Quetta on way to Ziarat, S. Faruqi & M. Qaiser 2364 (KUH), Near Urak on way to Wali Tangi, Quetta, A. Ghafoor & R. Yusuf 1206 & 1460 (KUH), Shore Tore (??) 30 miles from Quetta, S. Abedin 3118 (KUH), Baluchistan. Hana, M. A. Siddiqi & Y. Nasir 3479 (RAW), Baluchistan. Near Quetta, 2500 m, Popov 271 (BM), Quetta.Wali Tangi, S. Omer & A. Ghafoor 1823 (KUH), Baluchistan: Quetta, Wali Tangi, S. Khatoon & M. Bukhsh 468 (KUH), Kalat, Skalku, 7000 ft, S.M.H.Jafri & Akber 1860 (KUH), Baluchistan: Ziarat Dist., Warchoom, T. Ali & T. Ahmed 1327 (KUH), Baluchistan. Urak, Y. Nasir 28457, 28457a (RAW), Baluchistan. Urak, 6000 ft., R. R. Stewart s.n. (RAW), Baluchistan, Ziarat, R. R. Stewart 531, 567, 574 (RAW), Baluchistan. Ziarat, 3000 m, Popov 312 (BM), Ziarat, 8000 ft., Lace 63 (E), Baluchistan. ‘Surai’ at Ziarat, A. Khan 227 (RAW), Baluchistan. Ziarat, 8000 ft, M. A. Siddiqi 2074 (RAW), Baluchistan. Wam (Pill Hill), 7000 ft, Lace s.n. (E), Baluchistan. Kal Mangalzai (?) on Ziarat road, H. Farukh 98, H. Farukh & Sajjad 106 (RAW), D-5 Baluchistan: Loralai Dist., Chantair, T. Ali & T. Ahmed 1266 (KUH), E-4 Baluchistan: Kalat Dist. Koh-e-Muran, c. 10 miles E of Mangucher, A.Ghafoor & S. Omer 2187 (KUH).

    Distribution: Iran, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan (N. Baluchistan, Chitral, Gilgit, Swat), Kashmir, India (Uttar Pradesh).

    A very variable species, especially in the type of indumentum. Numerous infraspecific taxa have been described so far on the base of the degree of pubescence and occurrence or lack of glands, but all these divisions seems to be fully artificial. In spite of its variability the species is rather easy to recognize by small fruits, sepals often deciduous together with the top of hypanthium, yellowish, usually curved and uniform prickles, white, rather small flowers, grossly serrate leaflets, green and often slightly glaucous stems.

    Rosa beggeriana hybridizes freely with Rosa webbiana, the introgression between these species seems to be common in many regions. Supposed hybrids and introgressants can be usually recognized by pinkish flowers, less curved or straight prickles, larger fruits etc.

    Cultivated as an ornamental plant. Its small petals are rich in ascorbic acid: 8.75% by dry weight of pulp (Juz., l. c.).


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