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Orobanche cernua Loefl., Iter. Hisp. 152. 1758. Boiss., l.c. 514; Hook. f., l.c. 325; Novopokr. in Komorov, l.c. 79; Blatter, l.c. 69, tab. 46, fig. 3; Graham in Turrill & Milne-Redhead, Fl. Trop. E. Afr. (Orob.) : 6, fig. 4:1957; Schi.-Czeika in Rech. f., l.c. 13; R.R. Stewart, l.c. 671.

  • Orobanche cernua var. cumana (Wallr.) G. Beck
  • Orobanche cernua var. desertorum auct. non Beck: Cooke
  • Orobanche clavata Schiman-Czeika
  • Orobanche cumana Wally.
  • Orobanche nicotiana Wight
  • Orobanche wendelboi Schiman-Czekia

    Biennial or perennial, (10-) 15-30 (-40) cm tall, puberulous-glandulose to glabrate, simple, erect, pale brownish or purplish, sometimes thickened and short, whitish-puberulous; scales ovate to lanceolate, acuminate. Spikes (7-) 10-20 (-25) cm long, often densely many flowered. Bracts ovate to lanceolate, shorter or as long as the corolla, broad to narrow; bracteoles absent. Calyx ± half as long as the corolla, divided completely at the back to 2-segments; each lateral segment 2-fid to sometimes almost entire, very variable, teeth ± as long as the tube or shorter. Corolla (12-) 15-20 mm long, usually conspicuously curved, glabrous to puberulous above, tubulose; tube often whitish or pale, hardly to slightly inflated below; limb shortly lobed, bluish, sometimes violaceous to brownish, irregularly toothed to subentire. Stamens inserted ± at the middle of corolla-tube; filaments glabrous to pubescent at the base; anthers nearly glabrous to puberulous. Capsules suborbicular, 5-7mm long; stigma usually darker, bilobed.

    A very variable species in flower colour, size, calyx dentation, bract size and shape etc. Two varieties, in addition to the type variety, are reported from the area.

    1 Scapes thick, 1.5-2 cm broad; spikes dense, short   Orobanche cernua var. nepalensis
    + Scapes less than 1 cm broad; spikes elongated, somewhat lax below   (2)
    2 (1) Calyx lateral segments 2-fid with equal pair of teeth   Orobanche cernua var. cernua
    + Calyx lateral segments 2 fid to entire, often with unequal pair of teeth   Orobanche cernua var. pseudo-clarkei

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