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Lateral nectar glands usually in pairs, rarely annular, each semi-lunar or fragmentary; middle present or absent. Hairs simple, branched, glandular or absent. Stamen filaments linear, not appendaged. Ovary sessile, 1-4-ovuled, often subglobose; stigma capitate or shortly bilobed, rarely with erect or spreading lobes. Fruits indehiscent, neither beaked nor segmented; valves usually hard, often appendaged. Radicle incumbent or accumbent.

Represented by 7 genera and 8 species in our area.

1 Fruit apex with 2 prominent lateral auricled appendages   Anastatica
+ Fruit apex not appendaged; valves with or without appendages   (2)
2 (1) Valves appendaged below the apex   (3)
+ Valves without appendages   (5)
3 (2) Siliculae cymbiform; valves membranous with the wing-like appendages incurved   Tauscheria
+ Siliculae ovate-tetragonal or cubical; valves thickened, coriaceous, with the appendages ± spreading   (4)
4 (3) Siliculae valves with 3-6 horn-like appen- dages ; plants stellately hairy; leaves nar-rowed at base with margin sinuate-dentate   Octoceras
+ Siliculae valves with narrow crimped, thickened wings; plants glabrous, glaucous; leaves cordate, amplexicaul, entire   Boreava
5 (2) Siliculae spindle-shaped, with usually very elongated and variously curved apices (beak); seed-bearing portion 7-8 mm long   Spirorrhynchus
+ Siliculae subglobose, with or without a short beak-like process; seed bearing portion less than 5 mm long   (6)
6 (5) Cauline leaves auricled at base, amplexicaul; ovary 4-ovuled; beak indistinct   Neslia
+ Cauline leaves cuneate at base, not amplexicaul; ovary 2-ovuled; beak conspicuous (persistent or deciduous)   Euclidium

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