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18a. Ficus neriifolia var. nemoralis (Wall. ex Miq.) Corner in Gard. Bull. 17: 12. 1960. Corner in Gard. Bull. 21(1): 39. 1965; Stewart l.c. 193. 1972.


  • Ficus gemella Wall. ex Miq.
  • Ficus nemoralis Wall. ex Miq.

    A small, partly deciduous, upto 5 m tall, glabrous tree or large shrub. Trunk not massive, bark greyish-brown, smooth, young shoots with reddish unfolding leaves. Leaves with 1.5-3.5 cm long, dorsally grooved, reddish petiole. Lamina lanceolate to narrowly. ovate-lanceolate or elliptic-lanceolate, 6.15 (-18) cm long, 2-5.5 (-6.5) cm wide, 3-oostate at the cuneate base, margins entire, gradually narrowed at the apex into c. 2 cm long acumen, glabrous, pale-beneath, lateral nerves 7-15 pairs, somewhat bulging beneath, intercostals present; stipules lanceolate, 8-12 mm long, reddish. Hypanthodia senile to shortly pedunculate, peduncles upto 10 mm long, axillary, solitary or paired, globose, c. 6.8 mm in diam., glabrous, green, subtended by 3, connate, deltoid-orbicular basal bracts, apical orifice dosed by 4-5 triangular bracts. Male Hewers: few to several, in ostiolar rings or dispersed, pedicellate; sepals 3, lanceolate, free, fleshy; stamens 2. Female flowers: senile, sepals as in male, ovary, with a long style. globose, c. 8.10 mm in diameter, reddish, edible.

    Type: Smith Herbarium Sheet No. 1610.39 (LINN).

    Reported by Stewart (l.c. 193) from Murree hills (Rawalpindi Dist.), Poonch, Nakial (Kashmir) but no material has been examined by the author. It seems to be rare in our area.

    Distribution: N.E. India to N.W. Pakistan in the temperate subhimalayan region, up to 2000 m.

    Our material belongs to var. nemoralis (Wall. ex Miq.) Corner (Gard. Bull. 17: 426. 1960) differing from the type variety in its pedunculate figs.


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