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15. Ficus deltoidea Jack., Mal. Misc. 7: 71. 1822. Corner in Gard. Bull. Sings-17(3): 420. 1960; Bailey et al., Hort. Third. 478. 1976.

English Vern.: Rusty leaved bush fig.


  • Ficus diversifolia Blume
  • Ficus ovoidea Jack.

    An evergreen, glabrous, upto 2 m tall shrub with whitish-grey bark. Leaves sessile or with upto 8 mm long petiole; lamina coriaceous, polymorphic, broadly late, spathulate or elliptic to deltoid, 2.5-7.5 cm long, 1.5-5 cm broad, basally cuneate-rounded, rusty to pale-olive beneath, apex truncate, rounded-obtuse or notched, the midrib forked or simple and penninerved, glands (black spots) present in forks or in the axils of nerves beneath, intercostals present, inconspicuous; stipules linear-lanceolate, 8-12 mm long, convolute. Hypanthodia solitary or paired, axillary, on 5-20 mm long peduncles, ovoid, globose or pyriform, 5-10 mm in diam., green, subtended by 3, broad, puberulous basal bracts, apical orifice covered by minute, ± triangular bracts. Male flowers: dispersed among Bell flowers, long pedicelled; sepals 4, obovate; 2. Gall flowers with 3, linear-ovate sepals. Female flowers: sessile to subsessile; sepals 3, ovate; ovary globose with long subterminal style. Figs ovoid-oblong 10-15 mm in diameter, glabrous, yellow to orange-red.

    Fl. & Fr. Per.: July-October.

    Type: Described from Malaya.

    Distribution: A native of Malayan Archipelago; introduced elsewhere.

    This variable species is easily distinguishable by its obovate-obovate-cuneate leaves with forked midrib and gland in the forks. It seems to be a recent introduction in our gardens.


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