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Pakistan | Family List | Rosaceae

Rosaceae Tribe Potentilleae

Sven Landrein , Renata Borosova and Joanna Osborne

The Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, U.K.

Herbs or shrubs. Leaves compound, ternate to pinnate. Stipules present and adnate to the petiole. Flowers 5-merous with a cup l ike hypanthium, not closed at the mouth. Epicalyx present except in Chamaerhodos. Carpels 4 to many, free and inserted on a conspicuous, more or less swollen receptacle. Stylodia basal, lateral to subterminal. Ovules one per carpel, endosperm absent. Stamen 5 to many inserted on rim of the hypanthium. Nectary disc inconspicuous adnate to the hypanthium. Fruits multiple, an achenetum or a glandetum with fleshy swollen receptacle. X=7.

From 2 to 14 genera and 336 species (Mabberley, Plant Book, 3rd. Ed. 2008): nearly cosmopolitan, especially in temperate and subarctic regions of N hemisphere, 5 genera and 60 species in Pakistan.

The Tribe Potentilleae as defined by Kalkman (‘Rosaceae’ in Kubitzki, the Families and Genera of Vascular Plants. 6: 366. 2004) includes Chamaerhodos, Potentilla (including Duchesnea and Sibbaldia) and Fragaria. There is ongoing research on the delimitation of the Potentilleae tribe and it is still uncertain how many genera should be included in the tribe. For the purposes of the present treatment Sibbaldia and Duchesnea are recognised as separate genera.

1 Epicalyx absent, stamens 5, leaves trichotomously parted.   1 Chamaerhodos
+ Epicalyx present, stamens 4 to many, leaves ternate to pinnate.   (2)
2 (1) Receptacle fleshy in fruit, enclosing the seeds (fruit a glandetum). Seeds superficial to prominent.   (3)
+ Receptacle not fleshy in fruit, fruit an achenetum. Seeds sunken in the receptacle.   (4)
3 (2) Fruit tasteless, petals yellow, epicalyx broader than the sepals. Seeds prominent, red.   2 Duchesnea
+ Fruit tasty, petals white, epicalyx narrower than the sepals. Seeds superficial, brown.   3 Fragaria
4 (2) Stamens 10 or more, carpels numerous.   4 Potentilla
+ Stamens 4-5 (-10), carpels 5-10 (-12).   5 Sibbaldia

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