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Peter C. Hoch     [ United States ]

Missouri Botanical Garden

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Photo by: Hong Song

  • Ph.D., Washington University, St. Louis, 1978
  • B.S., Stanford University, 1972
  • Interests
  • Systematics and evolution of Epilobium (Onagraceae)
  • Phylogeny, biogeography, and floristics of Onagraceae
  • Evolution of pollination systems
  • Inventory of the plants of Pakistan
  • Address
    Missouri Botanical Garden
    P.O. Box 299
    St. Louis, MO 63166-0299



    Selected Publications

    • Hoch, P.C. & P.H. Raven. 1999. Onagraceae. Pp. 224-246, in Iwatsuki, K., D.E. Boufford & H. Ohba (eds.), Flora of Japan, Vol. IIc. Kodansha, Tokyo.
    • Gu, H.Y. & P.C. Hoch. 1997. Systematics of Kalimeris (Asteraceae: Astereae). Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 84: 762-814.
    • Hoch, P.C. & P.H. Raven. 1995. Perspectives in Biosystematics 1992. Pp. xi-xxii, in Hoch, P.C. & A.G. Stephenson (eds.), Experimental and Molecular Approaches to Plant Biosystematics. Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard. 53.
    • Baum, D.A., K.J. Sytsma & P.C. Hoch. 1994. A phylogenetic analysis of Epilobium (Onagraceae) based on nuclear ribosomal DNA sequences. Syst. Bot. 19: 363-388.
    • Hoch, P.C., J.V. Crisci, H. Tobe & P.E. Berry. 1993. A cladistic analysis of the plant family Onagraceae. Syst. Bot. 18: 31-47.
    • Hoch, P.C., J.V. Crisci & H. Tobe. 1993. A cladistic analysis of the genus Lopezia (Onagraceae). Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 111: 103-116.
    • Chen, C.J., P.C. Hoch & P.H. Raven. 1992. Systematics of Epilobium (Onagraceae) in China. Syst. Bot. Monogr. 34: 1-209.


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