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Anaphalis morrisonicola Hayata, Icon. Pl. Formosan. 8: 56. 1919.


Anaphalis morrisonicola

Credit: HAST

  • Anaphalis contorta (D. Don) Hook. f.
  • Anaphalis margaritacea subsp. morrisonicola (Hayata) Kitam.
  • Anaphalis margaritacea var. margaritacea (C. B. Clarke) Ridley

    Stems 15-40 cm long, grayish, woolly, stout or slender, usually woody near base, branches prostrate or ascending, leafy, leaves crowded, spreading and twisted. Cauline leaves narrowly linear or oblong, acute or obtuse, base sessile, semi-amplexicaul, usually broad or auricled, margins often revolute, upper surface green, sparsely to sometimes densely woolly, lower surface densely woolly. Heads subglobose, 4×7 mm, in dense simple or lobed contracted corymbose clusters; involucral bracts in 7-8-series, imbricate, broadly ovate or oblong, obtuse, white or yellowish, outer bracts shortest, often purplish; base broad, colored shiny; corolla 2.5 mm long; pappus bristles 2.5 mm long. Achenes oblong, 0.5 mm long, slightly compressed, papillose. Chromosome number, 2n = 28 (Peng & Hsu, 1978).

    ILAN: Nanau, Chen 159; Taipingshan, Shen 805. HSINCHU: Chienshih, Yuanyanghu, Chen 176. MIAOLI: Taian, Chiuchiuhshanchuang, Chen 1462. TAICHUNG: Tahsuehshan forest track, Yang 6380; eastern peak of Hsuehshan, Chen 1723. NANTOU: northern peak of Nenkaoshan, Chiu 3402. CHIAYI: Alishan, Leu 181; Yushan, Chiu 2451. KAOHSIUNG: Kuanshan, Liu 434.

    Philippines. Taiwan, widespread on sunny slopes above 1,500 m, common.

    Anaphalis morrisonicola differs from A. margaritacea in having smaller heads, slender and much branched stem, compacted, narrow, shorter and somewhat decurrent leaves (Ling et al., 1979). The species is highly variable; in some alpine specimens the leaves are densely cottony on both surfaces and pointing downward.


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