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17. Astragalus sect. Komaroviella Gontscharow in Komarov, Fl. URSS. 12: 876. 1946.

短翼组 duan yi zu

Plants perennial, with developed stems, rarely subacaulescent, with basifixed hairs. Stipules free from petiole or nearly so, all or only lower ones connate behind stem, rarely all free from each other. Racemes borne on long peduncle, shortly ovoid to subumbel­late, loose or nearly so. Bracteoles mostly absent. Flowers with a short pedicel. Calyx campanulate. Petals lilac or violet; wings shorter than keel, limbs rounded at apex; keel with large limbs, 2-3 × as long as claw. Legumes pendulous, with a stipe equaling or slightly exceeding calyx, incompletely to completely 2-locular or 1-locular; valves thin, membranous, hairy, rarely glabrous.

Twenty-four species: NE Afghanistan, China, India, Kashmir, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia; C and SW Asia, Europe, North America; 20 species (16 endemic) in China.

1 Plants subglabrous; ovary and legumes glabrous   (2)
+ Plants distinctly hairy, at least in part; bracteoles rarely present; ovary and legumes hairy   (3)
2 (1) Plants 3-4 cm tall; peduncle 0.4-1 cm; bracteoles present; standard 12-13 × ca. 10 mm, limb widely obovate to orbicular.   86 A. damxungensis
+ Plants 5-20 cm tall; peduncle 1.5-6 cm; bracteoles absent; standard ca. 11 × 5 mm, limb obovate.   88 A. habamontis
3 (1) Stem, rachis, and peduncle with double indumentum of very short appressed hairs ca. 0.1 mm and fewer spreading hairs 1-1.5 mm; legumes 12-14 mm, strongly curved.   96 A. semicircularis
+ Stem, rachis, and peduncle with a simple indumentum; legumes mostly shorter, not strongly curved   (4)
4 (3) Leaf rachis with at least partly spreading hairs   (5)
+ Leaf rachis with appressed to subappressed hairs   (6)
5 (4) Plants up to 100 cm tall; stipules free from each other; rachis with hairs spreading, white, at base also black, 0.2-0.3 mm; bracts 2-3 mm; limb of standard elliptic without distinct claw.   84 A. chiukiangensis
+ Plants 17-25 cm tall; at least lower stipules vaginate-connate; rachis with hairs appressed to partly spreading, white, 0.4-0.6 mm; bracts ca. 1 mm; limb of standard orbicular, at base abruptly contracted into short claw.   95 A. saxorum
6 (4) Stipules 2-3 mm, glabrous or subglabrous; plants 40-60 cm tall; petals purple   (7)
+ Stipules mostly longer, hairy at least at margins; plants distinctly smaller, if up to 65 cm tall (in A. leptocladus and A. weixinensis), then petals yellowish to white or white with violet tip   (8)
7 (6) Rachis with very short, subglobose hairs; bracteoles absent; calyx 3-3.5 mm; standard 9-10 mm, wings ca. 7 mm and keel ca. 10 mm; legumes 8-10 mm, nearly fully 2-locular.   87 A. dulungkiangensis
+ Rachis without subglobose hairs; bracteoles present, 0.5-1 mm; calyx 4-5.5 mm; standard 12-13 mm, wings 10-11 mm and keel 12-14 mm; legumes 15-18 mm, 1-locular.   83 A. changmuicus
8 (6) Plants up to 65 cm tall; petals yellowish to white or white with violet tip   (9)
+ Plants up to 25 cm tall (in A. chagyabensis up to 30 cm); petals purple, blue, or violet   (10)
9 (8) Leaflets in 6-9 pairs, elliptic, 5-14 × 2.5-7 mm; petals yellowish to white, standard 8-9 mm, wings ca. 7 mm, keel ca. 8 mm.   97 A. weixinensis
+ Leaflets in 10-12 pairs, narrowly elliptic, 9-20 × 2-6 mm; petals white with violet tip, standard ca. 12 mm, wings ca. 10 mm, keel ca. 11 mm.   91 A. leptocladus
10 (8) Standard up to 8.5 mm; leaflets in 5-9 pairs   (11)
+ Standard at least 9 mm but in most flowers longer, if sometimes only ca. 8 mm (A. bouffordii), then leaflets in 11-15 pairs   (12)
11 (10) Leaflets adaxially sparsely hairy to subglabrous; calyx 4-5 mm, covered with white hairs; legumes deeply grooved dorsally, 2-locular.   79 A. aridovallicola
+ Leaflets on both surfaces loosely to rather densely hairy; calyx 2.5-3 mm, covered with black hairs 0.2-0.3 mm and sometimes with longer white hairs; legumes keeled ventrally and dorsally, 1-locular.   90 A. kuschakewiczii
12 (10) Bracts 3-6 mm; calyx 6-7 mm, teeth 3-4 mm   (13)
+ Bracts distinctly shorter; calyx distinctly shorter, up to 5 mm (only in A. alpinus sometimes up to 6 mm), teeth mostly distinctly shorter   (14)
13 (12) Stipules ciliate, otherwise glabrous; leaflets in 4-6 pairs, mostly whitish margined; limb of standard ± orbicular, ca. 9 mm wide, at base abruptly contracted into claw.   92 A. mattam
+ Stipules loosely to rather densely white hairy, glabrescent with age; leaflets in 6-9 pairs, not whitish margined; limb of standard elliptic, 5-8 mm wide, at base gradually narrowed.   93 A. oxyodon
14 (12) Stipules shortly vaginate-connate, upper ones free; leaflets in 4-7 pairs; calyx covered with white hairs.   80 A. batangensis
+ Stipules all distinctly to high vaginate-connate (in A. bouffordii upper ones sometimes free); leaflets in 5-12 pairs; calyx with black or white and black hairs   (15)
15 (14) Plants 2-10 cm tall; leaflets 1.2-3 × 0.5-1.2 mm, on both surfaces loosely to rather densely hairy; stipules in front of petiole distinctly connate; racemes 1-7-flowered.   85 A. confertus
+ Plants mostly distinctly taller; leaflets distinctly larger, if only 3-5 mm (A. haiyuanensis), then adaxially glabrous or sometimes sparsely hairy; stipules in front of petiole not connate; racemes mostly with distinctly more flowers   (16)
16 (15) Stipules ciliate or rarely very sparsely hairy (in A. retusifoliatus); rachis sparsely to loosely hairy; calyx black hairy; legumes black or more rarely white and black hairy   (17)
+ Stipules densely hairy; rachis loosely to densely hairy; calyx white and black or black hairy; ovary white hairy (legumes unknown in A. chagyabensis)   (18)
17 (16) Leaflets in 6-9 pairs, 4-8 × 2-5 mm; bracts 2-3 mm; legumes narrowly oblong, slightly curved, 12-18 mm, incompletely 2-locular.   94 A. retusifoliatus
+ Leaflets in 7-12 pairs, 5-15(-20) × 2-5(-7) mm; bracts 0.5-2 mm; legumes narrowly ellipsoid, straight, 7-13 mm, 1-locular or nearly so.   78 A. alpinus
18 (16) Plants 20-30 cm tall; leaves 8-10 cm; leaflets 9-13 × 5-7 mm; peduncles 8-10 cm; calyx white and black hairy.   82 A. chagyabensis
+ Plants 10-20 cm tall; leaves 1-6 cm; leaflets 3-8 mm; calyx with other kind of hairs   (19)
19 (18) Stems, rachises, and peduncles white and black hairy; leaflets in 7-10 pairs; calyx loosely black hairy; standard 9-10 mm, wings ca. 8 mm, keel 9-11 mm.   89 A. haiyuanensis
+ Stems, rachises, and peduncles only with white hairs; leaflets in 11-15 pairs; calyx densely covered with white hairs, often with some black hairs mixed in; standard 8-9 mm, wings ca. 6 mm, keel 7-7.5 mm.   81 A. bouffordii


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