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Pakistan | Family List | Orchidaceae

6. Epipactis J. G. Zinn, Cat. Pl.Gott. 85. 1757. nom. cons.


Plants autotrophic, with rhizome and clustered roots. Stem leafy. Leaves sessile, flat or plicate, ovate to lanceolate. Inflorescence a loosely or densely many-flowered raceme. Flowers ± nodding. Sepals and petals spreading or ± campanulate. Labellum spurless, divided by deep constriction into apical cordate-ligulate epichile and basal, saccate hypochile. Column short; anther dorsal, erect or ± incumbent; pollinia 2, mealy, without caudicle; rostellum present or obsolete, with or without distinct viscidium; stigma subquadrate. Ovary with ± twisted pedicel. Ripe seed-capsule enlarged, pendent.

About 30, mainly Eurasiatic species. Also in mediterranean and eastern Africa, in Central and North America. 4 species are found in Pakistan.

1 Rhizome elongated, creeping, with stolons   1 Epipactis gigantea
+ Rhizome abbreviated, without stolons   (2)
2 (1) Flowers large, 20-40 mm in diameter. Hypochile narrowly boat-shaped, up to 10-12 mm long   2 Epipactis veratrifolia
+ Flowers rather small, 10-20 mm in diameter Hypochile globose-saccate, ± 4 mm long   (3)
3 (2) Stem with (3-)5-9 leaves in close succession. Rostellum with globose viscid gland. Allogamous   3 Epipactis helleborine
+ Stem with 3-4 leaves, mainly arranged in mid section. Rostellum nearly obsolete, viscid gland lasting only a short time. Autogamous   4 Epipactis persica

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