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Ligularia Cass.


PENG, Ching-I & CHUNG, Shih-Wen

Ligularia japonica

Credit: HAST

Perennial herbs. Leaves mostly radical, usually cordate, reniform or ovate-oblong, petiolate, cauline leaves few, alternate, conspicuously sheathed at base, uppermost leaves bract-like. Heads relatively large, nodding or deflexed, in corymbs or racemes, peduncle often bracteate. Involucre tubular or campanulate, bracts equal, in 1 series, narrower outer ones overlapping margins of broader inner ones. Ray florets pistillate, corollas yellow; disc florets central, bisexual, fertile, corolla tubular, limb 5-lobed. Style arms recurved, obtuse. Achenes terete, striate, beakless, glabrous. Pappus elongate or short, scabrous or pilose.

About 130 species mainly in Asia; three species in Taiwan.


1 Heads in loose corymbs; involucral bracts 8 or more; involucre subcampanulate.   Ligularia japonica
+ Heads in racemes; involucre bracts 5; involucre tubular.   (2)
2 (1) Radical leaves reniform, apex rounded or subtruncate; heads 5-11.   Ligularia kojimae
+ Radical leaves hastate-cordate, apex abruptly acuminate; heads more than 15, congested.   Ligularia stenocephala

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