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Pakistan | Family List | Rutaceae

Haplophyllum Juss. in Mem. Mus. Hist. Nat. 12:464. tab. 17. No. 10. 1825. Boiss., Fl. Or. 1:922.1867; Vvedenskii in Schischkin, Fl. URSS. 14:200-227. 1949; Rech. f., Flora of Lowland Iraq (1964); Townsend in Kew Bull. 20:89-102. 1966; id. in Davis, Fl. Turk. 2:496.1967; id. in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 36:2.1966. id. in Tutin et al., Fl. Eur. 2:227.1968.

Perennial herbs and semishrubs, branching profusely and often woody below, glandular punctate and strongly aromatic. Leaves simple, alternate, mostly lanceolate to elliptic or linear or 3(-5)-sect. Inflorescence in corymbose cymes, bracteate. Sepals 5. Petals 5, concave. Stamens 10, filaments free, subulate and pubescent/barbate on the inner side. Ovary 3-5-locular; locules 1-6 (-10)-ovulate; styles fused; stigma capitate. Capsule 3-5-lobed, usually dehiscent. Seeds reniform, rugose.

A large genus comprising 70 species distributed from the Mediterranean region to E. Siberia. 7 species are found in Pakistan. All parts of the plant contain aromatic essential oils.

1 Ovary and capsule 3(-4)-locular   Haplophyllum gilesii
+ Ovary and capsule 5-locular   (2)
2 (1) Petals 6.5-9 mm long, red to reddish-yellow. Ovary segments with tuberculate apical appendages   (3)
+ Petals 4-5 mm long, yellow. Ovary segments without apical appendages   (5)
3 (2) Stem, leaves and sepals glabrous. Each locule 2-4-ovulate   (4)
+ Stems patent white villous; leaves white hairy. Sepals densely white ciliate. Each locule 5-10-ovulate   Haplophyllum pedicellatum
4 (3) Leaves somewhat fleshy, margin crenulate. Petals glabrous. Each locule 2-ovulate   Haplophyllum crenulatum
+ Leaves not fleshy, entire. Petals pulverulent. Each locule 4-ovulate   Haplophyllum erythraeum
5 (2) Each locule 2-ovulate. Capsule dehiscent Leaves linear-oblong to lanceolate or obovate or trisect   (6)
+ Each locule 1-ovulate. Capsule indehiscent. Leaves mostly elliptic to oblong-elliptic   Haplophyllum acutifolium
6 (5) Capsule glandular-punctate, shortly pubescent in the lower portion. Sepals persistent. Intermediate leaves trisect   Haplophyllum dubium
+ Capsule with protuding convex glands, white-woolly (sometimes glabrous). Sepals deciduous. (only some leaves trisect.)   Haplophyllum tuberculatum

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