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Pakistan | Family List | Caprifoliaceae

4. Lonicera L., Sp. Pl. 173. 1753. Gen. A. ed. 5:80.1754; Brandit, For. Fl. N.W. & C. Ind. (repr. ed.) 254.1874; C.B. Clarke in Hook. f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 3:9.1880; Rehder, A. Rep. Missouri Bot. Gard. 1903:27-232; Parker, For. Fl. Punj. (repr. ed.) 269.1956; Wendelbo in Rech. f., Fl. Iran. 10:4.1965.


Lonicera caucasica subsp. govaniana

Credit: S. Hameed

Deciduous or evergreen shrubs, erect or prostrate (some exotic species twining). Winter buds with scales. Leaves petiolate or sessile, entire (lobed or connate at the base in non indigenous species). Flowers in axillary pairs or terminal capitate heads, peduncled or senile, often connate by their ovaries, bracteate and 2-bracteolate; bracteoles distinct or connate or sometimes absent. Calyx tube ovoid, limb 5-toothed or cup-shaped, deciduous or persistent. Corolla tubular, gibbous or not at the base; limb subequally 5-lobed or 2-lipped, the upper Up erect, 4-toothed, lower reflexed, entire. Stamens 5, inserted on the corolla tube, anthers usually exserted. Ovary 2-3-locular, style long filiform, stigma capitate, usually exserted. Fruit a berry; berries distinct or connate in pairs.

A genus of more than 200 species distributed in temperate and subalpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere. About 18 species are indigenous to Pakistan; 2 species are cultivated in gardens.

1 Flowers in terminal capitate heads   (2)
+ Flowers in axillary pairs   (4)
2 (1) Rants erect   18 Lonicera sp.
+ Rants climbing or scandent   (3)
3 (2) Flowers orange-red. Upper leaves perfoliate or united at the base. Cultivated   20 Lonicera sempervirens
+ Flowers pink-purple. Upper leaves not united at the base. Wild   17 Lonicera griffithii
4 (1) Evergreen climbing or twining shrubs. Cultivated   19 Lonicera japonica
+ Deciduous erect or prostrate shrubs. Wild   (5)
5 (4) Bracts large, ovate or boat-shaped, bracteoles absent   (6)
+ Bracts linear or narrow oblong, bracteoles connate or distinct   (9)
6 (5) Bracts boat-shaped, obovate-elliptic, peduncles (1-) 1.5 cm long   (7)
+ Bracts flat, ovate, peduncle less than 1 cm long   (8)
7 (6) Leaves and bracts glabrous with ciliate margin   4 Lonicera vaccinioides
+ Leaves and bracts hirsute and glandular hairy all over the surface   3 Lonicera hispida
8 (6) Plant glabrous to subglabrous, except leaf margin   2 Lonicera semenovii
+ Pant more or less hispid all over the surface   1 Lonicera asperifolia
9 (5) Corolla distinctly 2-lipped   (13)
+ Corolla not 2-lipped, limb unequally 5-lobed   (10)
10 (9) Rigid, more or less prostrate or dwarf shrubs. Leaves less than 2 cm long   (11)
+ Erect shrubs. Leaves more than 2 cm long   (12)
11 (10) Calyx limb minute, undulate. Corolla distinctly gibbous at the base   9 Lonicera obovata
+ Calyx teeth triangular to linear, conspicuous. Corolla not gibbous at the base   10 Lonicera myrtillus
12 (10) Corolla yellow. Berries blue, on short peduncle up to 10 mm long   12 Lonicera stenantha
+ Corolla purple. Berries red-black, on long peduncle up to 20 mm long   11 Lonicera purpurascens
13 (9) Branches hollow   (14)
+ Branches solid   (16)
14 (13) Peduncle longer than petiole. Borries red   8 Lonicera korolkovii
+ Peduncle shorter than petiole. Berries white-translucent   (15)
15 (14) Bracteoles free, glandular hairy. Corolla white, diffused with pink or purple   7 Lonicera nummularifolia
+ Bracteoles connate in pairs, not glandular. Corolla white, fading to yellow   6 Lonicera quinquelocularis
16 (13) Leaves densely pubescent, glandular on both surfaces. Bracteoles connate, cup-shaped   5 Lonicera hypoleuca
+ Leaves slightly pilose on the nerves. Bracteoles free, minute or obsolete   (17)
17 (16) Berries connate, bracteoles minute or absent   (18)
+ Berries free, bracteoles small, glandular hairy   (19)
18 (17) Calyx lobes obsolete, margin undulate. Berries red   15 Lonicera microphylla
+ Calyx teeth linear-lanceolate. Berries black   13 Lonicera caucasica subsp. govaniana
19 (17) Leaves more than 8 cm long. Corolla ± 12 mm long, densely hairy   14 Lonicera webbiana
+ Leaves less than 4 cm long. Corolla ± 7 mm long, sparsely pubescent   16 Lonicera heterophylla

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