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11. Ficus carica L., Sp. Pl. 1059. 1953. Boiss., Fl. Or. 4:1154. 1879; Yarmolenko in Komarov, Fl. U.R.S.S. 5:380. 1936; Corner in Gard. Bull. Singapore 21(1): 36. 1965; Zohary, Fl. Palaest. 1: 37. 1966; Townsend, Fl. Iraq 4(1): 87. pl. 17. 1980; Browicz in Rech. F., Fl. Iran. 153:7. 1982.


  • Ficus kopetdagensis Pachom.

    A large shrub to small deciduous tree, 5-9 m tall with several spreading branches from a short, rough trunk. Bark smooth, grey or dull white, young twigs glabrous or softly hairy. Leaves with glabrous to tomentose up to 12 cm long grooved petiole; lamina variable in shape and size, broadly ovate to nearly orbicular, (4-) 5-15 (-20) cm long, (3.5-) 5-15 (-18) cm broad, undivided or obscurely palmatifid to mostly palmatipartite, lobes spathulate with entire to apically few-dentate margin, 5-costate at the cordate base, margins undulate-dentate or dentate-crenate, acute to ± obtuse, scabrous above, densely soft hairy beneath especially on nerves, lateral nerves 6-8 (-9) pairs, intercostals ascending-parallel; stipules ovate-lanceolate, 10-12 mm long, hairy to glabrescent Hypanthodia axillary solitary or paired, borne on upto 3 cm long peduncles, pyriform to globose, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, subsessile to sessile, subtended by 3, broadly deltoid basal bracts, apical orifice closed by 4-5, broadly deltoid, ciliate imbricate bracts. Male flowers: sepals usually 4, united, lobes lanceolate; stamens 4, filaments long with oval, exserted anthers. Female flowers: pedicellate, sepals 4, lobes lanceolate-oblong: ovary with lateral style, stigma entire or 2-fid. Figs usually pyriform-obovoid, 2-5 (-8) cm in diameter, glabrous or shortly hispid, yellowish to brownish violet.

    Type: Europa austral, Asia, Herb. Linn. 1240.1 (LINN).

    Distribution: Cultivated and subspontaneous in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan; Russia, Iran, Middle East, N. Africa and Europe; introduced in cultivation elsewhere.

    1 Leaves usually broader than long, deeply 3-lobed, lobes spathulate with entire to apically few dentate margin   11 Ficus carica ssp. carica
    + Leaves usually longer than broad, sometimes vary shallowly lobed with serrate margin   11 Ficus carica ssp. rupestris

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