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1a. Eriogonum Michaux subg. Eucycla (Nuttall) Kuntze in T. E. von Post and O. Kuntze, Lex. Gen. Phan. 204. 1903.

Eucycla Nuttall, Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Philadelphia 4: 16. 1848

Shrubs, subshrubs, or herbs, sometimes nearly arborescent, perennial, glabrous or pubescent, rarely glandular; taproot woody. Stems matted to spreading, decumbent, or erect, infrequently absent, with or without persistent leaf bases, glabrous or variously pubescent or glandular; caudex stems woody, tightly compact to spreading and at or just below surface, or spreading to erect and above surface; aerial flowering stems arising at nodes of caudex branches, at distal nodes of aerial branches, or directly from root, prostrate or decumbent to erect, slender to stout and usually solid, infrequently slightly to distinctly fistulose and hollow. Leaves basal, sometimes in rosettes, sometimes sheathing up stems, cauline, or basal and cauline, 1 per node or fasciculate on flowering stems, at tips of dwarf branches, or on exposed woody caudices, usually persistent, occasionally persistent through growing season or longer, rarely quickly deciduous; blade glabrous or floccose to tomentose, occasionally also glandular. Inflorescences cymose, cymose-umbellate, umbellate, virgate, or racemose, mostly spreading and open to diffuse, sometimes dense, congested, or compact, sometimes reduced and in subumbellate, subcapitate, or capitate heads or reduced to a single terminal involucre; branches open to diffuse, spreading to erect, usually dichotomously branched except for initial trichotomous node, round and smooth, rarely grooved, angled, or ridged, tomentose to floccose or glabrous, occasionally lanate or glandular, rarely scabrellous; bracts usually 3, connate basally, usually scalelike, sometimes semileaflike or leaflike. Peduncles absent or erect, usually stout. Involucres 1-8 or more per cluster, narrowly turbinate to campanulate; teeth (3-)5-6(-10), erect or occasionally spreading, apex acute to obtuse or rounded. Flowers bisexual or, infrequently, unisexual, not attenuate at base, without stipelike base (except for slightly winged stipelike bases in E. saxatile and E. crocatum); perianth various shades of white, yellow, pink, or red, glabrous, glandular, or variously pubescent abaxially, usually glabrous adaxially except for minute glands and a few scattered hairs; tepals connate only basally or in proximal 2, monomorphic or dimorphic; stamens usually exserted, sometimes included; filaments variously pubescent but usually pilose proximally, infrequently glabrous. Achenes light to dark brown, not winged (but nearly so in E. saxatile), 3-gonous, glabrous, occasionally with minutely papillate beak. Seeds: embryo curved.

Species 107 (101 in the flora): w North America (including nw Mexico), mainly arid regions.

Species of subg. Eucycla not accounted for in this treatment are: Eriogonum encelioides Reveal & C. A. Hanson, E. fastigiatum Parry, E. molle Greene, E. orcuttianum S. Watson, E. pondii Greene, and E. zapatoense Moran. All are native to Baja California, Mexico.

The keys to species for subg. Eucycla are broken into geographic regions to aid in identification. They are: California (key 1, p. 225); British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington (key 2, p. 228); Nevada and Utah (key 3, p. 231); Arizona and New Mexico (key 4, p. 237); Alberta, Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming (key 5, p. 239); and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Great Plains states, and Texas (key 6, p. 242).

Key 3—Nevada and Utah

1 Plants subshrubs or shrubs   (2)
+ Plants herbs   (21)
2 (1) Perianths pubescent   (3)
+ Perianths glabrous   (4)
3 (2) Leaves not fasciculate, blade lanceolate to elliptic or oblanceolate, tomentose or nearly so; Thousand Lake Mountain, Wayne County, Utah   16 Eriogonum corymbosum (in part)
+ Leaves usually fasciculate, blade usually oblanceolate, canescent on both surfaces or densely tomentose abaxially and canescent adaxially; s Nevada and sw Utah   80 Eriogonum fasciculatum
4 (2) Involucres usually racemosely arranged along tips of inflorescence branches   (5)
+ Involucres dichotomously arranged even at tips of inflorescence branches   (8)
5 (4) Flowering stems and inflorescence branches angled and ribbed or scabrous, or if round and smooth then rigid or stout, glabrous and with short, spinose lateral branches; s Nevada and Washington County, Utah   88 Eriogonum heermannii (in part)
+ Flowering stems and inflorescence branches not angled and ribbed or scabrellous or with short, spinose lateral branches, tomentose to floccose or, if glabrous, slender and flexible; widespread   (6)
6 (5) Leaves fasciculate, blade 0.2-1.5 × 0.25-0.7(-0.9) cm, oblanceolate to elliptic; wc and s Nevada, and Washington County, Utah   72 Eriogonum wrightii
+ Leaves not fasciculate, blade 1.5-3.5 × 0.2-0.8(-1.2) cm, linear-lanceolate or linear-oblanceolate to narrowly oblong; Nevada, s and e Utah   (7)
7 (6) Leaf blades usually linear-lanceolate to narrowly oblong or narrowly elliptic; inflorescence branches tomentose to floccose or glabrate, occasionally glabrous; e Utah   4 Eriogonum leptocladon
+ Leaf blades broadly oblanceolate to broadly elliptic; inflorescence branches usually tomentose; Nevada and s Utah   5 Eriogonum nummulare
8 (4) Margins of leaf blades revolute or at least inrolled   (9)
+ Margins of leaf blades usually plane   (12)
9 (8) Leaf blades (0.5-)2-6 cm; inflorescences densely branched, usually glabrous; involucres narrowly turbinate, glabrous; San Juan County, Utah   7 Eriogonum leptophyllum
+ Leaf blades 0.5-1.8(-2.5) cm; inflorescences usually sparsely branched, tomentose to floccose; involucres turbinate to turbinate-campanulate, tomentose to floccose or rarely glabrous; widespread   (10)
10 (9) Tepals monomorphic; widespread   1 Eriogonum microthecum (in part)
+ Tepals dimorphic; e Utah   (11)
11 (10) Plants 1-2.5 dm; leaf blades oblanceolate, usually thinly tomentose and grayish, rarely glabrous and green adaxially; involucres 2.5-4.5 mm wide; San Juan County, Utah   8 Eriogonum clavellatum
+ Plants 0.2-0.8 dm; leaf blades linear-oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic, white- to reddish- or tannish-tomentose adaxially; involucres 1.5-3 mm wide; Carbon, Emery, and Grand counties s to Garfield, San Juan, Sevier, and Wayne counties, Utah   10 Eriogonum bicolor
12 (8) Inflorescences flat-topped and in tiers, branches zigzag; leaf blades tomentose on both surfaces; plants erect; s Clark County, Nevada   89 Eriogonum plumatella
+ Inflorescences usually open, not flat-topped, branches not zigzag; leaf blades variable but typically not tomentose on both surfaces; plants spreading to rounded, typically wider than tall; widespread   (13)
13 (12) Leaf apices sharply acute; leaf blades usually narrowly elliptic to elliptic, 0.2-1.2 cm wide   1 Eriogonum microthecum (in part)
+ Leaf apices acute to rounded; leaf blades lanceolate to oblanceolate or elliptic to oval, cordate, or nearly orbiculate, (0.2-)0.3-3(-3.5) cm wide   (14)
14 (13) Flowering stems and inflorescence branches tomentose to floccose, rarely subglabrous   (15)
+ Flowering stems and inflorescence branches glabrous   (17)
15 (14) Leaf blades linear-lanceolate to lanceolate, 3.5-7(-9) × 0.3-0.6(-0.8) cm, densely white-tomentose abaxially, less so and greenish adaxially; leaf margins rarely crenulate; Duchesne County, Utah   18 Eriogonum hylophilum
+ Leaf blades lanceolate to oblanceolate or elliptic to nearly orbiculate, rarely cordate, 1-5 × (0.3-)0.5-3(-3.5) cm, densely silvery to white-, tannish-, or brownish-tomentose on both surfaces or less so or glabrous and green abaxially; leaf margins occasionally crenulate; not of Duchesne County, Utah   (16)
16 (15) Leaf blades densely white-, tannish-, or brownish-tomentose on both surfaces or less so or nearly glabrous and green abaxially, (0.5-)1-3(-4.5) cm; Clark County, Nevada, and s and e Utah   16 Eriogonum corymbosum (in part)
+ Leaf blades densely silvery-tomentose on both surfaces or rarely less so or subglabrous and greenish abaxially, 3-5 cm; Wellington area, Carbon and Emery counties, Utah   17 Eriogonum lancifolium
17 (14) Leaf blades green and glabrous, rarely thinly floccose adaxially; flowers 3-4 mm, perianth yellow; San Rafael Desert, Emery and Wayne counties, Utah   20 Eriogonum smithii
+ Leaf blades tomentose to floccose at least on one surface; flowers 1.5-4 mm; perianth usually white, sometimes yellow, cream, or pink; widespread   (18)
18 (17) Involucres campanulate; leaf blades floccose adaxially, thinly floccose or glabrous abaxially; Nevada   88 Eriogonum heermannii (in part)
+ Involucres turbinate; leaf blades variable but always with one surface tomentose; Utah   (19)
19 (18) Perianths usually yellow to pale yellow, occasionally cream; leaf blades lanceolate to oblanceolate or elliptic, usually densely tomentose on both surfaces, sometimes less so and greenish adaxially; Washington County, Utah   16 Eriogonum corymbosum (in part)
+ Perianths white; leaf blades lanceolate or broadly elliptic, usually densely tomentose only abaxially; Millard or Uintah counties, Utah   (20)
20 (19) Plants spreading to somewhat sprawling subshrubs, (1.5-)2-4 dm; leaves commonly basal or sheathing up proximal 4 of flowering stems, blade broadly elliptic, 1-2(-2.5) cm; Millard County, Utah   6 Eriogonum ammophilum
+ Plants erect shrubs, 3-5 dm; leaves cauline, sheathing up proximal 1/ 2 of flowering stems, blade usually lanceolate, 3-6 cm; Uintah County, Utah   23 Eriogonum lonchophyllum (in part)
21 (1) Plants cespitose, matted, or pulvinate; inflorescences usually capitate   (22)
+ Plants herbaceous; inflorescences branched   (48)
22 (21) Perianths hairy   (23)
+ Perianths glabrous, sparsely pilose, or glandular   (26)
23 (22) Achenes tomentose; widespread   68 Eriogonum shockleyi
+ Achenes glabrous; c and e Nevada, c, ne, and w Utah   (24)
24 (23) Flowers 2-2.5(-3) mm; perianth pale yellow to yellow; Emery and Garfield counties, Utah   67 Eriogonum aretioides
+ Flowers 3-4.5 mm; perianth white to rose; e Nevada and ne and w Utah   (25)
25 (24) Flowering stems spreading to prostrate, (0.5-)1.5-5(-8) cm; leaf blades narrowly elliptic, 0.3-1 × 0.1-0.2(-0.3) cm; e Nevada and w Utah   65 Eriogonum villiflorum
+ Flowering stems erect, 0.1-1 cm; leaf blades oblanceolate to elliptic, 0.3-0.4 × 0.07-0.1 cm; ne Utah   66 Eriogonum tumulosum
26 (22) Tepals strongly dimorphic or, if only slightly so, leaf blades oval to rotund   98 Eriogonum ovalifolium (in part)
+ Tepals monomorphic or, if slightly dimorphic, leaf blades not oval to rotund   (27)
27 (26) Involucre tubes membranous   (28)
+ Involucre tubes rigid   (31)
28 (27) Perianths greenish yellow to pale yellow, rarely yellow   (29)
+ Perianths white to rose   (30)
29 (28) Involucres 2.5-3.5 mm, glabrous or sparsely pubescent with white hairs abaxially; flowers (2.5-)3-3.5 mm; perianths glabrous or sparsely glandular, usually greenish yellow or pale yellow; dry limestone and granitic montane slopes, Elko County and n White Pine County, Nevada   57 Eriogonum kingii
+ Involucres 2-2.5 mm, sparsely to densely tomentose with scattered glands along ribs; flowers (2-)2.5-3 mm; perianths sparsely glandular, yellow; moist, crusted, sandy, alkaline flats, Ruby Valley, Elko County, Nevada   58 Eriogonum argophyllum
30 (28) Leaf blades oblanceolate to elliptic, (0.3-)1-1.5(-2) × (0.2-)0.3-0.6 cm, glandular and densely white-tomentose abaxially; involucres 5-7 per cluster, sparsely glandular to glandular-puberulent or pubescent; White Mountains, Esmeralda County, Nevada   59 Eriogonum gracilipes
+ Leaf blades oblanceolate to spatulate, 0.2-0.5(-1) × (0.1-)0.2-0.4 cm, glandular and densely white- or greenish-tomentose abaxially; involucres 2-4 per cluster, sparsely glandular-puberulent; Snake Range, White Pine County, Nevada   60 Eriogonum holmgrenii
31 (27) Leaf blades linear to narrowly oblanceolate or narrowly elliptic, (1.5-)3-9(-12) × 0.1-0.5(-0.7) cm; n Utah   (32)
+ Leaf blades lanceolate or oblanceolate to ovate, 0.2-3 × 0.05-1 cm; Nevada or c and n Utah   (33)
32 (31) Leaf blades white- to gray-tomentose abaxially, less so and grayish or occasionally greenish to thinly floccose and bright green adaxially; perianths usually yellow, occasionally ochroleucous; widespread   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Leaf blades densely reddish- to brownish-lanate abaxially, less so to tomentose adaxially; perianths ochroleucous, rarely yellow; Cache and n Morgan counties, Utah   30 Eriogonum loganum
33 (31) Scapes glandular or glandular-hairy   (34)
+ Scapes glabrous or tomentose to floccose   (35)
34 (33) Involucres glandular and sparsely hairy; scapes densely glandular-hairy throughout, 0.1-0.9(-1.1) dm; wc Nevada   53 Eriogonum rosense
+ Involucres sparsely to densely floccose; scapes glandular or glandular only proximal to inflorescences, (0.5-)1-4.5(-5) dm; nw Nevada   62 Eriogonum ochrocephalum
35 (33) Scapes glabrous   (36)
+ Scapes tomentose to floccose   (40)
36 (35) Leaf margins crenulate or, if plane, leaf blades 1.5-6(-7) cm, scapes 8-25(-30) cm, and plants of s Utah   (37)
+ Leaf margins plane   (38)
37 (36) Perianths usually greenish white to creamy white or pale yellowish white, rarely pale yellow or yellow; n Utah   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Perianths white; s Utah   42 Eriogonum panguicense
38 (36) Perianths white to pink or rose; Esmeralda County, Nevada   73 Eriogonum kennedyi
+ Perianths yellow; Humboldt and Washoe counties, Nevada   (39)
39 (38) Flowers pustulose; leaf blades obovate, (1-)1.5-2(-2.2) cm; Humboldt and Washoe counties, Nevada   49 Eriogonum crosbyae (in part)
+ Perianths not pustulose; leaf blades oblanceolate to spatulate or elliptic to ovate, 0.3-1(-1.5) cm; n Washoe and Humboldt counties, Nevada   47 Eriogonum prociduum
40 (35) Leaf margins crenulate; Wasatch Mountains, Utah, above 3000 m   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Leaf margins not crenulate; Nevada or, if in Utah, below 2800 m   (41)
41 (40) Perianths yellowish white or whitish to cream, glandular; Silver Peak Range, Esmeralda County, Nevada   45 Eriogonum tiehmii
+ Perianths cream or yellow, glabrous; not of Esmeralda County, Nevada   (42)
42 (41) Perianths yellow   (43)
+ Perianths cream to white, pink, or rose   (45)
43 (42) Leaf blades narrowly oblanceolate to oblanceolate, (0.8-)1-4(-4.5) cm, densely grayish-tomentose abaxially, tomentose to floccose and grayish to green adaxially; Elko and White Pine counties, Nevada, and Box Elder, Rich, and Tooele counties, Utah   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Leaf blades oblanceolate to elliptic or rarely ovate, 0.4-2(-2.5) cm, densely greenish- to white-tomentose on both surfaces, or densely greenish-white-tomentose abaxially, thinly tomentose and whitish green adaxially; n Nevada and nw Utah   (44)
44 (43) Perianths not pustulose; e Elko County, Nevada, and Box Elder, Juab, and Tooele counties, Utah   43 Eriogonum desertorum
+ Perianths pustulose; Washoe County s to Mineral County, e to Humboldt and w Elko counties, Nevada   49 Eriogonum crosbyae (in part)
45 (42) Flowering stems 0.02-0.15 dm; leaf blades (0.2-)0.25-0.45(-0.7) × (0.07-)0.1-0.25 cm; San Francisco Mountains, Beaver County, Utah   52 Eriogonum soredium
+ Flowering stems 0.1-2 dm; leaf blades (0.5-)0.8-2(-2.3) × (0.2-)0.3-1.2(-1.8) cm; not in San Francisco Mountains, Beaver County, Utah   (46)
46 (45) Leaves sheathing flowering stem (1.5-)2-4 cm; Churchill Narrows,Lyon County, Nevada   46 Eriogonum diatomaceum
+ Leaves not sheathing flowering stem; not of Churchill County, Nevada   (47)
47 (46) Perianths not pustulose; leaf blades elliptic to obovate or suborbiculate, (0.7-)0.9-1.3(-2) × (0.3-)0.5-0.9(-1.1) cm; Elko, Eureka, Humboldt, Lander, and Pershing counties, Nevada   44 Eriogonum anemophilum
+ Perianths pustulose; leaf blades oblanceolate to spatulate or ovate, 0.5-1.5(-1.8) × (0.2-)0.3-0.5(-1) cm; House Range, Millard County, Utah   50 Eriogonum mancum
48 (21) Flowers with stipelike bases; leaf blades obovate to rounded and lanate to tomentose; Esmeralda and Nye counties, Nevada   100 Eriogonum saxatile
+ Flowers without stipelike bases; leaf blades not obovate to rounded and densely lanate to tomentose; widespread   (49)
49 (48) Perianths usually hairy abaxially   (50)
+ Perianths glabrous   (52)
50 (49) Plants matted; leaf blades 0.3-0.8 × 0.1-0.2 cm, margins revolute; to be expected in Daggett County, Utah   34 Eriogonum acaule
+ Plants not matted; leaf blades 1-15(-25) × 0.3-6 cm, margins plane; Nevada   (51)
51 (50) Leaf blades oblanceolate to elliptic, 1-4 × 0.3-2 cm, densely tomentose abaxially, tomentose to floccose or glabrous adaxially; w Nevada   91 Eriogonum nudum (in part)
+ Leaf blades lanceolate to lance-ovate, 4-15(-25) × 1.5-6 cm, loosely villous and green on both surfaces; nw and n Nevada   94 Eriogonum elatum
52 (49) Inflorescences with involucres racemosely arranged   (53)
+ Involucres not racemosely arranged   (57)
53 (52) Perianths pale yellow to yellow; flowering stems and inflorescence branches usually glabrous, rarely tomentose, occasionally fistulose; s Utah   79 Eriogonum zionis
+ Perianths white to rose; flowering stems and inflorescence branches usually tomentose, rarely glabrous, not fistulose; widespread   (54)
54 (53) Inflorescences with 5-20 or more racemosely arranged involucres along most of length of inflorescence branches; plants 3-8(-10) dm; e Nevada and Utah   78 Eriogonum racemosum
+ Inflorescences with 3-5 racemosely arranged involucres at tips of distalmost inflorescence branches; plants 1-5 dm; c and sw Nevada   (55)
55 (54) Leaf blades round, (0.3-)0.5-1.5 cm; involucres campanulate, 2-3(-4) mm; Sheep Range, Clark County, Nevada   77 Eriogonum mensicola
+ Leaf blades elliptic to oblong, ovate, or obovate, 1.5-4.5(-5) cm; involucres turbinate to turbinate-campanulate, 3-5 mm; Clark, Esmeralda, Lander, Lincoln, Mineral, and Nye counties, Nevada   (56)
56 (55) Plants 3-5 dm; leaf blades elliptic to oblong, (2-)2.5-4.5(-5) × 1.5-3.5(-4) cm, thinly tomentose abaxially, less so to floccose and greenish adaxially; Esmeralda, Lander, Lincoln, Mineral, and Nye counties, Nevada   75 Eriogonum rupinum
+ Plants 1.5-3 dm; leaf blades elliptic to ovate or obovate, 1.5-4 × 1-2.5 cm, white-tomentose abaxially, slightly less so and often greenish adaxially; w Esmeralda, sw Nye, and n Clark counties, Nevada   76 Eriogonum panamintense
57 (52) Flowering stems and inflorescence branches usually tomentose to floccose   (58)
+ Flowering stems and inflorescence branches usually glabrous   (61)
58 (57) Leaf blades linear or narrowly oblanceolate to narrowly elliptic or narrowly lanceolate, 0.1-0.5(-0.7) cm wide; n Utah   (59)
+ Leaf blades lanceolate to elliptic or spatulate, 0.3-1.3 cm wide; c Utah   (60)
59 (58) Peduncles absent; plants 1-3.5 dm, tomentose; n Utah   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Peduncles 0.2-1 cm; plants 0.5-0.8(-1) dm, thinly floccose or glabrous; e Emery and Grand counties, Utah   33 Eriogonum contortum
60 (58) Perianths bright yellow; leaf blades elliptic, (0.8-)1-1.3 cm wide; Millard County, Utah   32 Eriogonum natum
+ Perianths ochroleucous or pale yellow; leaf blades lanceolate to narrowly elliptic or narrowly spatulate, 0.3-1 cm wide; Beaver, Iron, Juab, Millard, Piute, Sanpete and Sevier counties, Utah   35 Eriogonum spathulatum (in part)
61 (57) Tepals dimorphic; plants forming loose mats; involucres 4-6 mm; inflorescences umbellate-cymose to cymose; n Nevada   96 Eriogonum strictum
+ Tepals usually monomorphic; plants not forming mats, plants of Utah with subcapitate to umbellate-cymose inflorescences; inflorescences usually cymose; widespread   (62)
62 (61) Inflorescences elongate, rather narrow; plants 2-3(-5) dm; involucres usually 3-5 mm; wc Nevada   91 Eriogonum nudum (in part)
+ Inflorescences spreading or, if narrow, plants of ne Utah; plants 0.4-4.5(-6) dm; involucres usually 1.5-3.5 mm; Utah. [63. Shifted to left margin.—Ed.]   (63)
63 (62) Leaf blades linear, 1.5-6 × 0.05-0.1 cm; Sevier County, Utah   37 Eriogonum mitophyllum
+ Leaf blades linear to oval, (0.5-)1-10(-12) × 0.1-0.7 cm; widespread   (64)
64 (63) Leaf blades linear to narrowly lanceolate, narrowly elliptic, or oblanceolate; n and ne Utah   (65)
+ Leaf blades elliptic, spatulate, oblong, or ovate to round, or if oblanceolate, then plants of sw Utah   (68)
65 (64) Leaf blades 3-10(-12) cm, linear to narrowly oblanceolate; n and ne Utah   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Leaf blades 1-3(-4) cm, linear to narrowly elliptic or lanceolate; ne Utah   (66)
66 (65) Leaf blades lanceolate, margins plane; inflorescences sparsely branched; perianths ochroleucous to pale yellow, rarely yellow; Uintah County, Utah   29 Eriogonum ephedroides
+ Leaf blades linear to narrowly elliptic, margins revolute or nearly so; inflorescences densely branched; perianths yellow; Duchesne, Emery, Grand, and Uintah counties   (67)
67 (66) Plants 1-3.5 dm; peduncles 0.1-0.2 cm; Duchesne and Uintah counties, Utah   28 Eriogonum viridulum
+ Plants 0.5-0.8(-1) dm; peduncles 0.2-1 cm; Emery and Grand counties, Utah   33 Eriogonum contortum (in part)
68 (64) Leaf blades tomentose on both surfaces; Beaver and Millard counties, Utah   (69)
+ Leaf blades tomentose abaxially, less so to floccose or glabrous adaxially; widespread   (71)
69 (68) Perianths ochroleucous to pale yellow, rarely yellow; flowers 3.5-4 mm; peduncles 0.2-1 cm; volcanic sands   38 Eriogonum artificis
+ Perianths white to ochroleucous; flowers 2.5-3 mm; peduncles absent; limestone gravel and outcrops   (70)
70 (69) Leaf blades lanceolate to narrowly elliptic or narrowly spatulate   35 Eriogonum spathulatum (in part)
+ Leaf blades ovate to round   39 Eriogonum eremicum
71 (68) Leaf margins crenulate; leaves sheathing up stem; inflorescences subcapitate to cymose; plants spreading   (72)
+ Leaf margins not crenulate; leaves usually basal; inflorescences cymose; plants usually erect   (73)
72 (71) Perianths greenish white to creamy white or pale yellowish white, rarely pale yellow or yellow; Wasatch Mountains, Box Elder and Weber counties, Utah   27 Eriogonum brevicaule (in part)
+ Perianths white; Bull Mountain, Garfield County, Utah   41 Eriogonum cronquistii
73 (71) Flowering stems and inflorescence branches bright green; Kane and Washington counties, Utah   22 Eriogonum thompsoniae
+ Flowering stems and inflorescence branches usually gray to reddish or, if dark green, plants of wc Utah   (74)
74 (73) Leaf blades oblanceolate to narrowly lanceolate, 0.2-0.7 cm wide; San Juan and Uintah counties, Utah   23 Eriogonum lonchophyllum (in part)
+ Leaf blades elliptic to spatulate or broadly elliptic, 0.5-1(-1.5) cm wide; Carbon, Duchesne, Emery, Garfield, Grand, Piute, Sevier, and Uintah counties, Utah   (75)
75 (74) Peduncles (0.5-)1-3(-5) cm; Garfield, Piute, and Sevier counties, Utah   36 Eriogonum ostlundii
+ Peduncles absent; Carbon, Duchesne, Emery, Garfield, Grand, and Uintah counties, Utah   40 Eriogonum batemanii

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